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How To Register In Avonexchange

How To Register In Avonexchange

This is a completely trusted site, it is stuffed with full security and at the same time, you can put your old stuff for sale by becoming your personal account.

You can register in this way, know few steps

  1. choose plan ( This is totally free for you and donot worry of any costs, choose any option as the cost price to advertise is 0.00 nil).
  2. You first go to our site of, there you will get the option of Add Listing, go there and choose your plan.
  3. Now you create your account, enter your email id, enter your name, then enter your 1 time password and click on Create an account, you have successfully registered on our site.
    3 Now you will have received 1 email, there you can go to your account or you can open the account on the login option on itself.
  4. Now you are in the dashboard of, here you can sell your old stuff, here you can enter your product name, photo, and also enter your
    phone number so that the one who likes your product will call you and soon Just buy your stuff.
  5. You can post your listing without any problem by going to the dashboard and clicking on Listing on the 3rd number
    6.This site is absolutely safe, our motive is that our customers should become a family so that you all never have any problem in selling the product.
  6. is a completely free site, here you can buy and sell your goods without any interruption.


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